Knowledge Retention Comes One Choice at a Time

Are you drowning in a sea of post-it-notes? You find answers to writing questions, but then must choose how to keep track of them. Knowledge retention comes one choice at a time.

A dirty little secret is how many hard-earned answers slip out of your mind’s grasp. Do you feel you’re living Groundhog Day—destined to repeat the same lessons over and over?

Today’s technology preserves education:

  • Store articles
  • Turn information into actionable steps
  • Convert action steps into templates for future use

To prevent the loss of writing rules and skills, use:

  • Apple Notes to keep articles (available free for macOS, iPadOS, and IOS).
  • Scrivener to record and reuse actions steps
  • ProWritingAid to apply grammar, punctuation, and spelling rules

Your knowledge retention comes one choice at a time, and that raises this question: What can technology do for you?