Book: Capitvate Your Readers

Captivate Your Readers

A handy and practical writer’s reference book, Jodie Renner’s Captivate Your Readers focuses on connecting with readers.

Aimed at giving solid advice to writers of all skill levels, Renner makes it easy to find topics with a detailed table of contents, including bonus checklists and tips (see note #4). You can read the book straight through or cherry pick the topics. The text gets to the point without extra verbiage.

Again, this is a reference book, and here are a few of my favorite takeaway notes, but what made them noteworthy were the examples given by Renner.

  1. Psychic distance refers to how close the reader feels to the various characters, shows writers how they can zoom from the furthest out to even closer, and thus, create a deeper connection with the audience.
  2. Use direct thought-reactions (e.g., In your dreams!) to add attitude and immediacy.
  3. Show the setting through your character’s sensory impressions (i.e., sight, sound, scents, touch, and taste) to suck your readers in and bring the scene alive.
  4. The list of POV gaffes (Appendix 1) highlights the writing errors that cause disconnects with readers.

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