Death of an Heir

The Death of an Heir novel begins the Byna Spring Mysteries. This book introduces the amateur sleuth and establishes her reason to solve local crimes.

Story Background

For the setting, I combined several small towns located in Central Texas. The Enneagram of Personalities helped me create the profile for the point of view character, Deena Finch.

Based on the genre, my imagination took over.

Death of An Heir Genre

After much research, I settled on the Cozy Mystery subgenre for the primary conventions and obligatory scenes. I love clean thrillers and suspense films and books, so you’ll find those nuances, too.

Here’s a summary illustration of this subgenre of Crime.

Book Categories and Length

In Amazon land, Death of an Heir falls into the Mystery, Thriller & Suspense category. I’ll also select the subcategories of Amateur Sleuth and Women Sleuths. As more books come on stream, I’ll email Amazon and request the addition of the Series category.

In the series, book lengths will average 60,000 words, or approximately 240 pages.

Target Audience

I want this book to appeal to readers who want an edgy murder mystery without the gore, course language, and explicit sex. If this was a movie, I’d shoot for a PG rating yet retain all the thrills and suspense of an R-rated film.

Other authors have successfully navigated this niche between cozies and dark noir. For example, Erle Stanley Gardner pulled it off with the long running Perry Mason series. Raymond Chandler kept his novels to the equivalent of PG with PG13 overtones while dealing with dark adult topics.

Today’s writers create cozies that range from sappy cliched novels to serious mysteries. For example, Christy Barritt has written a mixture, several that qualify as series mysteries. Then you have C. C. Warren, who has written books that lean toward thrillers with an element of mystery.

There are other excellent authors, but I’m merely citing these four to show there is room for more edgy cozies.

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