For NaNoWriMo Get Your Free Novel Writing Training Plan

The Novel Writing Plan

November is National Novel Writing Month, and Alex Cavanaugh’s Insecure Writer’s Support Group (IWSG) asked, “Have you ever participated? If not, why not?” I’ll share my answer and a free ebook, The Novel Writing Training Plan.

Your Novel Writing Training Plan for NaNoWriMo

Would you run a marathon without first training?

Okay, so maybe you jumped into NaNoWriMo without a plan. No problem! This 57-page book from my affiliate* friends at ProWritingAid will get you into shape in no time. Even if you keep going without training right now, use the plan later to help you get your 50,000+ words in shape to publish.

The Novel Writing Training Plan gives you a roadmap for your book, helping you arrive where you want to end up — to write a book readers will love.

Novel Writing Training Plan

My Love/Hate Relationship with NaNoWriMo

I love how NaNoWriMo gets you to write more in a month than you thought possible, but I hate the feeling you may experience if you fall short of your goal. So the analogy of the marathon still applies.

The reward comes from challenging yourself to do more than you thought possible. Even if you decide the results did not live up to your expectations, you’ll come away with newfound writing muscles and confidence you can use from now on.

And that, my writing friend, is priceless!

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Have you ever participated in NaNoWriMo? If not, why not?

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3 responses to “For NaNoWriMo Get Your Free Novel Writing Training Plan”

  1. Nick Wilford Avatar

    That sounds like such a useful book. I think the best approach to NaNo is to treat it as a fun and useful experience, even if you don’t “win”.

    1. Grant at Tame Your Book! Avatar
      Grant at Tame Your Book!

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Nick!

  2. AJ Bock Avatar

    I signed up for NaNo, but I have no plan on what I’m going to do. 🙂 Definitely flying with the seat of my pants. Good luck with your WIP!

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