Holiday Gifts for Writers

Holiday Gifts for Writers

Writers love gifts that help them turn their musings into compelling stories. Something as simple as a journal can make their day. I’ll share my top 3 holiday gifts for writers, and to see more ideas, click here.

My Favorite Holiday Gifts for Writers

#1: 🎁 Canva

This year, the top gift is a Canva Pro subscription. Okay, I admit, this was not a Christmas present. My wife gave it to me in celebration of treat-yourself-day.

Even though I have designer apps on my desktop and tablet, I’ve never found a simpler program than Canva. You can make book trailers, social media images, book covers, and so much more. For social media, Canva Pro automates the posting schedule!

Because Canva Pro allows up to five team members to use the same subscription, both my wife and I enjoy using it without paying extra. (Clever girl!) For the monthly price of two coffees, we have access to 100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio, and graphics to use anywhere and everywhere. Also, Canva gives you the training to create engaging content.

Here’s an example of a slide-show made with Canva:

#2: 🎁 Foot Rest

Foot Rest

My wife gave me a gift, so I had to reciprocate. (Clever boy!)

The curse of all under-tall people is foot dangle, and my wife is no exception. This foot rest helps ease leg cramps so she can focus on her weekly blog.

Perfect for stocking feet (her preferred foot attire for writing). The foot rest is that special gift you never knew you needed until someone gives you one.

#3: 🎁 Dotted-page Journal

I refer to my dotted page journal as the height of low tech. No battery to charge and easy to carry, I can record observations, dialogue, and other inspirations.

I prefer dots instead of lines, making it easy to write and draw. The journal is always handy, perfect for jotting down middle of the night ideas. The cover varieties are ideal for color coding your musings.

Want More Ideas?

Head over to the Gifts for Writers page and see all the stocking stuffers, priced from free to under $120.

Merry Christmas!

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What are your favorite gifts for writers?


  1. Great ideas. I love Canva Pro, too. I don’t think I have any app I use more. Do you happen to have a how-to for a book trailer that you made using Canva? I’m going to try that instead of PowerPoint for my upcoming book.

    And, the sample Canva slideshow was excellent!

    1. You get credit for showing me the power of a book trailer. 😀 I had a ball creating the gift video.

      Your how-to question gave me an idea for my next post, and I’ll gladly share the details.

      Between now and then, I used the “slideshow video” (a drop-down under video), and selected one of the pre-made templates with a Christmas theme. I already loaded all my colors into the “brand kit,” making it a snap to create.

      More to come, and thanks for the feedback, Jacqui!

      1. Great start. Didn’t even know that much. I’ll be looking for your post. I don’t need to make it until January. Just thinking ahead!

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