Knowledge Retention Comes One Choice at a Time

Are you drowning in a sea of post-it-notes? You find answers to writing questions, but then must choose how to keep track of them. Knowledge retention comes one choice at a time.

A dirty little secret is how many hard-earned answers slip out of your mind’s grasp. Do you feel you’re living Groundhog Day—destined to repeat the same lessons over and over?

Today’s technology preserves education:

  • Store articles
  • Turn information into actionable steps
  • Convert action steps into templates for future use

Digital Tools to Retain Knowledge

To prevent the loss of writing rules and skills, use:

  • Apple Notes to keep articles (available free for macOS, iPadOS, and IOS).
  • Scrivener to record and reuse actions steps
  • ProWritingAid to apply grammar, punctuation, and spelling rules

Invest in Yourself

Without a doubt, there’s a price to gaining knowledge. I would argue the loss of knowledge levies a far greater monetary and emotional cost.

Also, it takes time and effort to learn how to use the tools that can help you keep that knowledge. That’s another opportunity to invest in yourself. Learn once and keep using it.

Your knowledge retention comes one choice at a time, and that raises this question: What can technology do for you?