Are You Skeptical of the Black Friday Sale for ProWritingAid?

I’m skeptical of most Black Friday sales, like the one for ProWritingAid, so I put them to the test.

I purchased the ProWritingAid Lifetime License

In these times, I’m like most and limit my spending, with the goal of offsetting inflation.

When ProWritingAid offered 50% off for the annual and lifetime premiums, I recognized an opportunity to limit future expenses. It seemed like an easy decision. Pay once and enjoy using the tool daily.

But I experienced a problem, and here’s my brief story that explains why I recommend ProWritingAid.

Computers Don’t Always Work as Expected

I paid the 50%-off lifetime premium, but the computer did not give me credit for the prorated amount of the rest of my annual premium.

Unfortunately, in the cyberworld, computers don’t always do what we humans expect. A brief email to ProWritingAid support confirmed my thought. I should have received the prorated amount for December 2023 through April 2024.

Within minutes of the confirmation from ProWritingAid support, a refund flowed through to my account.

Years of Using ProWritingAid Reinforced My Trust

For those who know me, I limit my recommendations of tools and services.

I’m still skeptical of most Black Friday sales. But I can assure you the one for ProWritingAid is the real deal. It’s backed by people who want to do the right thing even when the computers don’t.

If you want one of the best grammar and spelling tools that also integrates with Scrivener and Microsoft Word, follow this link to learn more about ProWritingAid and take advantage of the 50%-off sale.

My Coffee Fund May Get a Lift, Too!

In case you’re not aware, I show my confidence in a few products as an affiliate.

If you purchase using my link, ProWritingAid may contribute to my coffee fund, but you will not pay more!

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I’m thankful we get to choose our services and tools used to enhance our writing.

What’s your favorite writing tool?

16 responses to “Are You Skeptical of the Black Friday Sale for ProWritingAid?”

  1. Vera Day Avatar

    My favorite writing tool isn’t high tech. It’s just a pen and notebook. They help me work out plot holes and characters’ voices.

    1. Grant at Tame Your Book! Avatar
      Grant at Tame Your Book!

      Thanks for commenting, Vera. Like you, I keep a paper journal handy, writing and drawing to map out ideas with a pencil and eraser before committing to the computer. It’s both fun and relaxing to go old-school!

  2. harmonykentonline Avatar

    You convinced me to add to your coffee fund! Thanks for the recommendation, Grant. I’ve had Autocrit for years and don’t get along with it. ProWritingAid has much more to offer. 💕🙂

    1. Grant at Tame Your Book! Avatar
      Grant at Tame Your Book!

      That’s fantastic, Harmony! I love ProWritingAid, and hope you do, too.

    2. Jacqui Murray Avatar

      That’s interesting, Harmony. I love Autocrit, but maybe it’s the way I use it. It’s always a bit step in book editing before sending the MS to an editor.

      1. Grant at Tame Your Book! Avatar
        Grant at Tame Your Book!

        I know what you mean, Jacqui. I’m always intrigued by the way we stack our processes. For me, ProWritingAid has become a common process used for emails, blog posts, and novels. My infatuation extends to the way it seamlessly integrates with online forms, even when responding to the WordPress Happiness Engineers! From my view, the key was a scene by scene review of a full-length novel, which means ProWritingAid is reading and writing to the Scrivener file. That’s a time saver that eliminates the error-prone copy and pasting. I know PWA is not the only solution, but the continuous improvement of the app ranks it as one of the best.

  3. wordsfromanneli Avatar

    I think ProWritingAid is a good tool, but a serious writer should never rely on it completely. It’s good for getting the bulk of the problems out of the way though before the final polish.

    1. Grant at Tame Your Book! Avatar
      Grant at Tame Your Book!

      So true, Anneli. I highly recommend a professional edit. PWA simplifies the effort and reduces the cost. And for routine efforts, such as emails, PWA minimizes those embarrassing errors before we hit send.

      1. wordsfromanneli Avatar

        Yes, and it allows the copy-editor to focus on things that involve more than just spelling and the obvious grammatical errors.

      2. Grant at Tame Your Book! Avatar
        Grant at Tame Your Book!

        Thanks, Anneli. I recall several posts where excellent authors attest to your ability to root out those pesky copy-edit problems, the ones that even the best apps cannot find. And I continue to learn from your articles on editing—top notch!

      3. wordsfromanneli Avatar

        Thank you so much, Grant. The problem with a real live copy-editor is that we’re human, and sometimes little things do slip past us, but a computerized writing aid wouldn’t even know it had slipped up. I’m always very happy when I hear back from happy authors about my copy-editing. I love the job and I love to see the authors’ work shine when the oversights are fixed. Thanks for your kind comment.

  4. D. Wallace Peach Avatar

    A great endorsement, Grant. I use the free version despite its limitations. It’s a great tool and if I knew I had a lot more books in me, I’d definitely take advantage of the sale. Thanks for sharing the news!

    1. Grant at Tame Your Book! Avatar
      Grant at Tame Your Book!

      Thanks, Diana. This one tool, used more than all the other apps on my computer, has helped me push past doubt and share with others.

      1. D. Wallace Peach Avatar

        I do use it religiously, Grant, but only 500 words at a time. It’s a lot harder, but it gets the job done.

      2. Grant at Tame Your Book! Avatar
        Grant at Tame Your Book!

        I understand, and encourage all to do what’s right for their writing journey. Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

      3. D. Wallace Peach Avatar

        You too, Grant. Enjoy the time with loved ones. 🙂

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