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In this ProWritingAid overview, I’ll share how the software can help you decrease reader frustrations, reduce critical reviews, and improve story flow. I’ll explain why I switched to ProWritingAid by answering a few questions.

How can ProWritingAid help your writing?

Readers lost because of poor editing seldom return. Book reviews point out a variety of problems. For example:

  • Misused terms, such as “to” instead of “too.”
  • Slow pace because of passive verbs and overused adverbs.
  • Poor grammar and punctuation that frustrate readers.

To sum up this ProWritingAid overview, the app can help you decrease spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Why not use a human editor to catch errors?

Professional editors earn their money by fixing whatever is wrong with your story. So it’s not a question of whether human editors offer benefits, but how do you gain the most value from an editor while minimizing expense?

The editor you choose depends on the challenge. For example, what form of help do you need?

  • A big-picture critique and suggestions?
  • Advice on structuring the story events?
  • Correction of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors?
  • Suggestions to improve word flow and tense consistency?
  • A final review before publishing?

Human editors often base fees on volume and quality. For example, a structural edit hindered by poor grammar, spelling, and punctuation can increase your expense.

ProWritingAid minimizes an array of writing errors so human editors can focus on where your draft needs help.

What does ProWritingAid do?

Technology can help you improve content and lower expense, but editing apps vary in cost and effectiveness. ProWritingAid is much more than a spelling and grammar checker. The editor can help you:

  • Fix writing issues in Scrivener documents using the desktop app for Mac or the online browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.
  • Pick the right words based on popular writing styles.
  • Personalize your editing workspace and increase your productivity.

Which editing app is best?

Years ago, I used the paid version of Grammarly. Even though I had to copy text from Scrivener and paste into Grammarly, the app saved me from 80% of my most embarrassing mistakes.

I exchanged drafts with other writers and read their works in progress. Whenever I found spelling and grammar issues, I suggested they use Grammarly.

But then Grammarly raised the price. The increased cost forced me to consider alternatives. So I read several reviews and one emphasized how ProWritingAid worked with Scrivener.

I tested ProWritingAid and found it could load Scrivener files and save me money. I switched to ProWritingAid and haven’t missed Grammarly.

As an unexpected bonus, ProWritingAid improved my writing style and creativity.

Is ProWritingAid worth the price?

I believe ProWritingAid improved my writing quality and creativity. Even though no editing software is perfect, I’m convinced the benefits far outweigh any shortcomings.

But before you buy, please read my in-depth review of ProWritingAid where I show the many reports.

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