Writers Need Feedback and ProWritingAid Reports Inspire the Continuous Improvements Trusted by 2 Million People

ProWritingAid Reports

Like most writers, my initial drafts contain quality issues, but I love how ProWritingAid reports inspire continuous improvement — the feedback I need to encourage more writing.

ProWritingAid Reports Identify Improvement Opportunities

You know the voice, the one inside your head, worrying if your draft is good enough? The second-guessing and countless rewrites exacerbate the problem. Readers notice errors, but they also sense when an author waters down a message with rewrites.

ProWritingAid reports inspire grammar and style improvements, showing how your updates are improving quality while building your confidence by eliminating embarrassing errors.

How to Improve Your Writing with ProWritingAid Reports

You can use ProWritingAid reports to edit as you write or after the initial draft. For example:


I have the desktop app, which allows me to type or paste text and see immediately the opportunities to improve. For long-form writing, the desktop app reads and updates my Scrivener files, eliminating the need to copy and paste.

ProWritingAid supplies browser extensions (i.e., Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) to check grammar and style as I update WordPress and post comments. Also, I can access the online version from any of my devices.

Having used the app for nearly three years, I can say with certainty:

ProWritingAid reports improved my writing quality while building confidence with the elimination of embarrassing errors.

Check out this short video.

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How do you get past the dread of embarrassing errors and write more?

4 responses to “Writers Need Feedback and ProWritingAid Reports Inspire the Continuous Improvements Trusted by 2 Million People”

  1. Dana at Regular Girl Devos Avatar

    A helpful resource, thank you!

  2. wordsfromanneli Avatar

    A good tool.

  3. Jacqui Murray Avatar

    Good review of ProWriting Aid. I’m definitely tempted.

    1. Grant at Tame Your Book! Avatar
      Grant at Tame Your Book!

      When blogging, ProWritingAid validates line by line, giving an immediate opportunity to fix as I write. An amazing productivity tool for those who post and comment, and the browser extensions for popular browsers are part of the package of tools.

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