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Is your book idea worth writing? Have you picked the right keywords and categories to self-publish on Amazon? Is there enough profit potential in your chosen niche? In the Table of Contents, you’ll find frequently asked questions along with the issues I faced. Explore my answers in this Publisher Rocket review.

Book ideas are a dime-a-dozen, but when you find one that’s desired by readers, discoverable on Amazon, and regarded as profitable—now, that’s priceless!

Review Focus

I won’t get into the weeds by discussing how to use the app. Instead, I’ll focus on the problems solved by Publisher Rocket.

This specialized app gave me the confidence to pursue my writing projects, and that’s why I became an affiliate. I may earn a commission if you purchase through my site, but that has not influenced my review nor will it increase your cost.

I tried researching without an app, but it took me hours. Plus, I wondered whether the free methods I used gave me the best results. When I used Publisher Rocket, I enjoyed immediate results, and I could run additional searches in minutes instead of hours.

If you’ve struggled with Amazon research, keywords, categories, competition, and profitability, click a question to see the linked answer.

And if you’re a bit like me and want to skip to the bottom line before reading, here’s my Publisher Rocket review recommendation.

Table of Contents

Frequently Asked Questions:

My Questions:

What Is Publisher Rocket?

Publisher Rocket helps you get your book in front of more Amazon shoppers so you can market less and write more. The software works on both Windows and Mac computers.

How Does Publisher Rocket Work?

Publisher Rocket automates mining Amazon data.

  • It reveals what shoppers type into Amazon’s search box, showing customer inquiry quantity, estimated book revenues, and competing books volumes. 
  • The app enables you to see estimated daily and monthly sales for individual books plus book covers, list prices, and number of print pages.
  • Publisher Rocket helps authors explore and select niche categories for their books, including how many you would need to sell per day to become the new #1 bestseller. 
  • And… it helps you find profitable Amazon ad keywords.

Price of Publisher Rocket?

Publisher Rocket is offered risk-free, with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with Publisher Rocket, simply contact support at within 30 days from purchase, and they’ll quickly process your refund. No questions asked. You get complete access and free updates for only $97 and never pay again.

Note: In the future, Publisher Rocket will become a monthly subscription instead of a onetime payment for a lifetime license.

Is Publisher Rocket Worth It?

Because Publisher Rocket comes with a 30-day full refund, in September 2018, I figured I had nothing to lose and a lot to gain. I bought the software, and since that fall day, I’ve never regretted spending $97 for the lifetime license.

Note: That lifetime license is important because Publisher Rocket is not software you use daily. Like a garlic press or a torque wrench, it’s a specialized tool—just what you need but only when you need it.

Methods to Validate My Book Idea Before I write?

The seductive lure of a shining new premise can entice you to write before verifying if anyone wants to read it.

Before you write, Publisher Rocket can help you decide if your book idea has the potential to fit within a pre-existing market, compete effectively, and produce profits.

Let’s say you’re passionate about writing your idea and you’ve got the skill. With Publisher Rocket, you can decide whether to write or search for an idea with more market appeal.

Publisher Rocket helps you answer those questions.

  • Explore whether there’s a pre-existing market.
  • See proof that the market will pay.
  • Gauge whether the competition will allow your book to be discovered.

The intersection of keyword searches, competitive opportunity, and commercial viability is how Amazon can help you sell your book. That’s what I call the “Sweet Spot.”

Market Validation
Click to Enlarge

There’s nothing worse than hearing only silence after publishing a book. While there are no guarantees that the intersection of keyword searches, competitive opportunity, and commercial viability will lead to sales, I encourage you to first analyze whether your story fits within the sweet spot.

Benefit #1: Publisher Rocket helps you investigate before you write to discover the potential return on the investment of your time and energy in creating, editing, publishing, and promoting your book.

The amount of money people spend on books similar to my idea?

The popularity of genres and subgenres varies, and can change with culture shifts. People may say they like certain books, but it’s crucial to verify buying patterns.

For example, there are differences between buying patterns for the genre of crime and the subgenres of cozy mystery. Also, the number of buyers and their expectations differ. Packaging as standalone books, multi-book series, and box sets influence profitability.

Analyze Keywords

For keywords, Publisher Rocket helps you compare the number of competitors, average monthly earnings, monthly Google searches, estimated monthly Amazon searches, and competitive score. The reports vary each day because of new books and sales.

In Publisher Rocket, I entered cozy mystery as a Keyword Search search term for eBook, and after pressing the ANALYZE button, here’s what I saw:

To move beyond averages, I clicked the COMPETITION button and viewed the estimated monthly sales for specific books. In this example, I was curious about the cozy mystery box set keyword, and here’s what I saw:

By scrolling through the competition analysis, an average monthly earnings of $5,735 for the cozy mystery box set only hints at an author’s potential within this niche. For example, one writer has estimated monthly sales of $9,030 while another has $140.

Dig Deeper

Publisher Rocket helps you dig deeper to gain a much better understanding of which authors are making money in each keyword, and those insights highlight competition.

For example, you can press the Check it out button and see the Amazon page for The Mission Inn-Possible Cozy Mysteries Box Set. Then, you can explore and find out what’s inside the bundle. Within a handful of clicks, I discovered:

  • It’s a six book set comprising previously published books.
  • Each book fell within the average page length for contemporary cozy mysteries, but the books got shorter as the series progressed.
  • The box-set price of $7.99 compared to the individual books price at $0.99 for book one and $3.99 each for books two through six.
  • The author offered the books as Kindle standalones and through Kindle Unlimited.
  • The series was about a former spy solving murders and had a culinary sub-subgenre.

Turn What You Learn into a Series

Similar research might encourage you to turn your book idea into a series, and after publishing, consider repackaging the novels into a box set. And if you planned to write a cozy mystery with a culinary “hook,” this might be an author you would want to research further.

Benefit #2: Publisher Rocket helps you evaluate the profitability of keywords, encouraging additional ways to enhance your returns.

Methods to pick my target niche?

If you press the See the Categories link next to a book, you’ll see this pop-up:

Book Categories

When you first set up your book’s categories, Amazon allows you to select three. With an email request, you can apply for seven more. In this example, the author has chosen eight.

Publisher Rocket helps you see the potential categories by evaluating what other authors have done to rank their books as high as possible.

Book Ranking by Category

In Amazon’s Books > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Mystery > Cozy > Culinary category, it would take an additional 84 sales per day to rank number one, or half that number to rank number ten.

When you press the Unleash the Categories tab, you’ll to see more categories.

Note: The categories list extends beyond what you see in this image.

If this seems complex, don’t worry. Publisher Rocket provides excellent instructions and video tutorials. The point is, you can find categories that best fit your book.

Benefit #3: Publisher Rocket simplifies the analysis of digital and print categories, helping you make decisions that support your goal of reaching Amazon Best Seller status.

Which keyword phrases do people enter to find books like mine?

The goal of keyword selection is to find seven phrases that best represent your book. Avid readers know their preferences and they enter search terms into Amazon that fall within four keyword types:

  1. Time Period and Settings: Words that describe when or where a story takes place (e.g., Victorian).
  2. Character Types or Roles: Phrases that highlight a character (e.g., amateur female sleuth).
  3. Plot Themes or Special Events: Keywords that emphasize an event (e.g., sea battles).
  4. Style and Tone of Your Genre: Phrases that describe the feel of a genre or subgenre (e.g., the thriller genre has many subgenres, including serial killer, medical, legal, psychological, espionage, person in jeopardy, military, political, journalism, financial, and Hitchcock).

Book Searches

Publisher Rocket helps you determine:

  • Phrases readers type into Amazon’s search box
  • Number of times people enter those phrases
  • Estimated book sales tied to those searches
  • Number of competing books vying for those same phrases

For example, if you type “mystery” into Publisher Rocket’s Keyword Search, will show a long list of related keyword phrases. Pressing the COMPETITION button for mystery shows over 40,000 competitors and a competitive score of 85 (i.e., high and hard to compete).

But let’s imagine you wrote a murder mystery set by the sea. The number of competitors drops to less than 9,000 and that phrase has a competitive score of 30 (i.e., low and easier to compete), but unfortunately, less than a hundred searches per month (i.e., not good).

Profitable Keywords

With Publisher Rocket, it’s process of working through profitable keywords, looking for phrases that represent your book, show many searches, and have less competition.

If you performed manual research, it could take you days to find the right combination of seven KDP keyword phrases. With Publisher Rocket, you can achieve your goal in a fraction of that time.

Benefit #4: Publisher Rocket helps you find seven KDP keyword phrases that best represent your book but have less competition, increasing the potential for shoppers to find and buy your book.

Ways to make Amazon advertising work for my book?

Amazon Advertising (aka AMS) calculates cost on the ad keywords you choose for your book. Within a named marketing campaign, you group the keywords. When keywords prove effective, you can regroup the successful ones into new campaigns.

Publisher Rocket helps you:

  • Pick the initial keywords
  • Add new campaigns tied to successful keywords
  • Test different keyword combinations
  • Decide to increase advertising budget for keywords that do well

Publisher Rocket provides a free and in-depth ads course, teaching how to:

  • Create your Amazon Marketing Services account in minutes
  • Set up your first ad campaign so you can start selling more books
  • Test and optimize your campaigns so they convert at the highest potential
  • identify dozens of relevant books and keywords to tart for maximum reach
  • Understand the Amazon ads dashboard so you’ll know exactly how you’re doing

The course taught me what I needed to get started, and I can’t image trying to advertise on Amazon without this extraordinary app. Also, Amazon routinely changes things, and thankfully, Publisher Rocket updates instructions and videos.

Benefit #5: Publisher Rocket helps you pick the right advertising keywords that fit your promotion goals and budget.

What else should I consider before buying Publisher Rocket?

Lifetime License

Currently, Publisher Rocket is offered at $97 with lifetime access. However, soon, Publisher Rocket will turn into being a monthly/annual subscription. If you buy it now, or already own it, you’ll be grandfather in, and never have to pay again.

Benefit #6: Buy now, enjoy a 30-day no-risk refund policy, and never pay for upgrades.

Learning Curve

Want to see the quality of the free instructions and tutorials? Take a quick look.

Dave Chesson, the creator of Publisher Rocket, is constantly adding to his storehouse of valuable articles, instructions, and videos. For example:

  • Kindle Rankings E-Book
  • How to Title a Book Checklist
  • Amazon Author Page Checklist
  • Trigger Words for Books
  • Standardized Editorial Test
  • List of Favorite Book Promotion Sites
  • Book Idea Validation Excel Sheet
  • Book Launch Strategy
  • Fiction and Non-fiction Book Description Formulas

Benefit #7: Receive free books, checklists, and tools.

Book Research

Use Publisher Rocket to view best sellers, covers, and layouts so you can make your work more competitive.

Benefit #8: Find examples of books, covers, marketing blurbs, and more by analyzing the best sellers in your chosen genre.

Publisher Rocket Review Recommendation

In September 2018, I made my decision to buy Publisher Rocket out of frustration—hours spent researching keywords and categories with little or no help from Amazon. I’ve never regretted spending $97 for the lifetime license.

Still on the fence about buying Publisher Rocket?

  • Perhaps you have a book idea, but aren’t sure it will sell and want to know before you invest time, money, and energy into it, Publisher Rocket can help you make crucial decisions.
  • If you have a brilliant book, but it isn’t selling as well as you’d like or believe it should, consider getting the app.
  • If you just want to know what’s going on in the Amazon market and see how others are doing, Publisher Rocket is a tool that reveals so much—a window into the marketplace and a genuine time saver.
  • Dave Chesson at Publisher Rocket continues to help authors navigate the choppy waters of self-publishing. His instructions and videos explain things in terms that make sense, and he’s generous with his straightforward advice. His support team goes the extra mile to take care of customers. Dave and his team are additional reasons to get this software.

If you decide to purchase Publisher Rocket, I hope you’ll support my efforts to help writers by following this affiliate link: