Friday Feature: How to Make Relatable Villains

Friday Feature

Develop relatable villains using these 5 tips you’ve seen in films and read in books. Visit the Character Template page and get the Master Edition.

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2 responses to “Friday Feature: How to Make Relatable Villains”

  1. Stuart Danker Avatar

    I think the first time I ever related to a villain was Tyrion Lannister from GoT. That’s when I realised that bad people didn’t need to be bad just for the sake of it. And I love the tips you’ve shared here. Thanks for this post, Grant!

    1. Grant at Tame Your Book! Avatar
      Grant at Tame Your Book!

      When working on a story concept, I used to start with the hero. But after researching the audience’s response to decent people going off the rails and doing indecent things (e.g., Chris Lang’s Unforgotten series), I realized the many opportunities to start with the villain.

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