Scapple for Mind Mapping

I use use Scapple to map the overall flow of my novels, develop individual scenes, and sketch the relationships between characters. Also, I can drag notes from Scapple into Scrivener.

Mind Mapping
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Unlike many mind mapping and note taking apps, Scapple doesn’t force you to make connections between the entries. Instead, I use it like a big sheet of paper, placing notes wherever I choose. In contrast to penned notations on paper, I can move Scapple entries around, color code, and connect as desired.

Since this website is reader supported, I hope you will use the authorized link below. But regardless of the mind mapping software you buy, before making a purchase, please make sure it’s the right fit for your writing, especially if you use Scrivener.

If you have questions about Scapple, use the Contact form and I’ll gladly share.

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