Please research what is the right fit for your writing and publishing needs. I encourage you to do the research before spending any money!

I base my reviews on purchased software and books—products with the potential to produce consistent results.

I don’t like surprises, yet remind myself that no book or application is perfect. But any quirks and glitches should be minimal relative to the price paid.

I’ll sum up my benchmark for qualifying books and software with this question:

Can this book or app help you achieve better results?

The active links show completed reviews. Please Contact me with any questions and I’ll gladly share.

  • Books (Updated June 2021)
  • Scrivener (Updated June 2021)
  • ProWritingAid (Updated June 2021)
  • PublisherRocket (Coming Soon)
  • MailerLite (Coming Soon)
  • SendOwl (Coming Soon)
  • Scapple (Coming Soon)

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