Scrivener for Writing

I routinely use Scrivener for writing novels. It’s a typewriter, a ring binder, and scrapbook combined. The application takes tools familiar to writers everywhere and integrates them in new and exciting ways. I encourage you to read this Scrivener Review.

Scrivener Corkboard
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The app brings your notes, research, and writing together, so everything you need is always right at hand. Once you get past the learning curve (and it is initially steep), Scrivener helps you achieve the goal of writing full-length novels.

You can export to MS Word. For self-publishing, you can compile finished manuscripts and upload digital and print editions.

With Scrivener 3, you can:

  • Enter text into a familiar editor. 
  • Store and retrieve the research you need to write your novel. 
  • Arrange scenes according to your preferred Story Structure
  • Produce files in popular formats to self-publish. 
  • Use templates and arrange your digital workplace to:
    • Enhance story structure 
    • Format preferred style 
    • Track story details

Regardless of where you get Scrivener, before making a purchase, please make sure it’s the right fit for your writing.

Questions about using Scrivener for writing Novels?

If you have questions, use the contact form and I’ll gladly share.