Premise Workbook

Master Your Topic with the Premise Workbook

Premise Workbook
  • Instruction PDF eBook
  • Printable PDF workbook with space for hand-written input
  • MS Word file for key-entry input or Google docs
  • Scrivener file for key-entry input

An idea or concept refers to the what-if basis for a novel. In contrast, your premise gives a story’s big picture and guides the writer’s development strategy. For the price of a cup of coffee, the Premise Workbook shows you how to:

  • Use concise tips to turn your idea into a premise.
  • Apply actionable advice from respected writing teachers.
  • Justify spending time developing your premise before writing.
  • Gain insights from examples of movie and book premises.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of writing based on a concept instead of premise.
  • Understand your passions and preferences so you can refine the story and increase your satisfaction.
  • Explore opportunities to turn lackluster ideas into a dynamic premise.
  • Increase your creativity based on your story’s real and perceived challenges.
  • Identify your overall storytelling strategy.
  • Select the best character to fulfill the promise of your premise.
  • Come up with conflicts that will capture the interest of your audience.
  • Make sure the potential story has sufficient action, cause-and-effect, and change to keep readers turning pages.
  • Heighten tension and engage readers with a moral dilemma.