Grant Ferguson

I love helping busy writers master story structure and write a book readers will love.

— Grant Ferguson

But what really breaks my heart is how many writers start then abandon their dreams.

The creation of a novel takes time and effort to research, write, and edit. 

When you think about managing all those moving parts, doesn’t that sound like a multi-phase project?

I won’t pretend to be a best-selling author with dozens of high-ranking books. Instead, I use my decades of project experience to break down storytelling into bite-sized actions.

And one of the crucial skills honed during my career was the ability to read, understand, and convey essential lessons to achieve goals.

Think of it this way:

I break down complex topics like structure, characters, plot, and theme into actionable tasks to help you fulfill your writing goals.

On a Personal Note

I’m motivated by the spirit of God, providing the love, power, and discipline to do more in life than we could ever hope for or imagine.

The Power of Stories

What’s the best thing about the future? It comes one choice at a time. Fortunately, informed decisions foreshadow probable outcomes.

Books have the power to influence choices made at life’s crossroads.

Top-quality fiction entertains, informs, and inspires. Through stories, readers learn the likely results of their choices, helping them transform their lives by avoiding negative consequences.

The story you write has the power to shape the lives of young and old.