Grant P. Ferguson

I still remember the thrill of pulling that special book from the top shelf of the school library. —Grant P. Ferguson

No small feat for an under tall sixth grader!

Today, I use my decades of project management experience to break down complex subjects into bite-sized actions. I share Scrivener templates, reviews, resources, tutorials, and articles.

On a personal note, a recurring theme in my stories is how the spirit of God provides the love, power, and discipline to do more in life than we could ever hope or imagine.

The Power of Stories

What’s the best thing about the future? It comes one choice at a time. Fortunately, informed decisions foreshadow probable outcomes.

Readers learn through stories the likely results of their choices, helping them transform their lives by avoiding negative consequences.

Top-quality fiction entertains, informs, and inspires. Writers help shape the lives of young and old.

Books influence the choices made at life’s crossroads.

Problem: Writers struggle to balance characters, plot, theme, and structure.

Authors wrestle with character development, plot design, theme formation, and story structure. Writing fiction of 75,000 to 100,000 words is hard.

Creating a novel without the right resources is like chopping with an ax instead of cutting with a chainsaw. No fun!

Solution: Use Technology to simplify writing and editing full-length novels.

Balance characters, plot, theme, and structure by using technology to fulfill readers’ expectations with less effort.

My goal is to share useful resources with writers, helping them entertain, inform, and inspire readers. That’s fun!