7 Tips for Structuring Plot and Subplots

7 Tips for Structuring Plot and Subplots

The top movies and best-selling novels weave into the main plot several subplots. I’ll break down the process and share 7 tips for structuring plot and subplots.

How to Write a Logline

How to Write a Logline for Your Novel

It’s all about the story. A story’s premise guides a writer strategically, and a logline interests an audience emotionally. With examples, I’ll show you how to write a logline for your novel.

Book Ideas

How to Find Book Ideas

Aspiring writers often ask, “How do I find book ideas?” The answers are simple, but can get lost in the details of studying writing craft. So let’s look at how to jumpstart your search and turn your idea into a novel.

Outline Story Body

How to Outline the Story Body of Your Novel

Have you ever got lost in the details? There’s a fun way to capture the overall flow of your narrative without losing your way. I’ll show you how to outline the story body of your novel and give you the essential questions designed to help you organize the details.


11 Tips on How to Create Your Story Premise BEFORE You Write

Of all the confusing writing terms, premise tops my list. Given the different meanings assigned by authors and teachers, how do you write a premise that organizes your story and has target-audience appeal? I’ve compiled 11 tips on how to create your story premise before you write.

3 Traits of Successful Writers

3 Traits of Successful Writers

People measure writing success by different yardsticks, such as audience size, money, and fame. What if success represents effectiveness? Based on that benchmark, let’s look at the 3 traits of successful writers.


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