The Trellis Method:
A Unique Writing System

The Trellis Method Bundle

The Concept of a Garden Trellis

Imagine a garden trellis.

The vertical lattice supports the entire flowering plant. Then the horizontal lattice provides connecting points for the plant to branch out. The flowering plant, supported by the vertical and horizontal lattices, grows outward.

The trellis structure helps the gardener nurture the plant to reach its full beauty.

The Trellis Method Writing System

Similar to a garden trellis, The Trellis Method structure enables you to:

  • Organize your story’s key plot events on the vertical lattice.
  • Support scene flows on the horizontal lattice to give readers the emotions they crave.
  • Grow your story outward, exceeding your target readers’ expectations.

As the story unfolds, this writing system surprises and delights readers.

Start with the Good Stuff and Wow Your Readers

The Trellis Method bundle gets right to the good stuff, so you can study less and start writing sooner.

  • The bundle includes 7 workbooks that break down the topics based on the writing practices of bestselling authors.
  • Instead of just adopting their techniques, you’ll use the worksheets to adapt the principles that best fit your writing preferences.
  • This writing system walks you step-by-step, from story idea to first draft in record time.

Everything is based on principles, not rules, putting you in the driver’s seat and focused on your story’s destination.

Here’s What a Seasoned Author Said...

Put all those writing craft books back on the shelves! The Trellis Method is the foundation for new and even seasoned authors. Grant Ferguson breaks down the key elements of a story in easy-to-understand steps with visuals. I feel that I’m more equipped to take on my next writing project after reading and following the Trellis Method. — Courtney

More Buzz from Busy Writers…

If you have a dream of completing your first novel but struggle with structure, embark on your pathway to novel success with Grant Ferguson’s Trellis Method writing system. Its well-crafted manuals and comprehensive workbooks are the essential companions to guide you through every step, from nurturing your plot seed to confidently self-publishing your masterpiece. Grant’s easy-to-use approach takes the guesswork and frustration out of writing your crowd-pleasing novel and is therefore a must-have if you are serious about your writing journey. — Julian

Identifying the Root Problem

The Quest for More Information

You should be able to write a book based on the best of what top writers already figured out, but that’s not what most people think.

Many writers believe they need more information before they can write a book.

  • They study an endless list of how-to write books, articles, and courses.
  • They feel overwhelmed by the information and techniques.
  • Most writers never find and adopt a step-by-step writing system!

Sadly, too many writers abandon their writing dreams.

  • Most writing books, articles, and courses focus on techniques and rules.
  • The how-to guides frequently lack practical application, without a finite list of proven steps to start and finish writing a novel.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and not sure how to meet and exceed readers’ expectations, writers abandon their writing dreams.

And what writers really need is a writing system that…

  • Shortens the learning cycle,
  • Guides from start to finish,
  • Satisfies readers’ expectations, and
  • Educates while producing content.

Bottom line, writers need The Trellis Method.

The Trellis Method Phases

Keep It Super Simple

The Trellis Method phases are as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Plan
  2. Outline
  3. Write

By the time you finish your first draft, you’ll have adopted and adapted a unique writing system — a method you can use repeatedly in the years ahead!

The Trellis Method is a unique writing system, providing what you need to know based on prompts, not endless studying.

The Trellis Method Writing System

Keep in mind it’s not just a book, but a writing system with 7 workbooks and worksheets plus three dozen visual aids.

You’ll transform your storytelling routine and unlock your ability to fulfill your dream to write a book readers will love.

  • The step-by-step writing system speeds up learning.
  • The method gives you the confidence to plan, outline, and write a book.
  • The illustrations help you visualize and apply the writing principles, encouraging you to write more trellis books.

The Trellis Method focuses your awareness on how to give readers a great story!

Here’s What You’ll Get

The bundle includes the book (PDF), 7 workbooks (PDFs), and 7 worksheets (ready-to-use RTF files) — all you need to turn your story idea into a manuscript that tells a great story.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Adopt and adapt time-tested writing practices used by bestselling authors.
  • Use three writing lenses to navigate the tricky intersection of story plot, scene flow, and actual content.
  • Use a phased project approach to storytelling: plan, outline, write.

Note: The worksheets are in an RTF file format, readable and editable by most word-processing apps (e.g., MS Word, Apple Pages, etc.). The Story Characters Development Workbook includes a Scrivener template, but the other workbooks are in the RTF file format. If you’re interested in my project to develop Scrivener templates for the other workbooks, please contact me.

The Visual Aids Reinforce Learning

Visual learners will appreciate how the many infographics break down but don’t dumb down the topics. Visual aids speed up and reinforce your learning. For example:

  • Content Lens
  • Plots Lens
  • Scene Lens
  • Story Elements
  • Genres
  • Premise
  • Characters
  • Plots
  • Themes
  • and many more
The Trellis Method: Content Lens

Everything in One Convenient Bundle

Writers can get swamped with too much information. For example:

  • You can find nearly anything on the internet and in books.
  • But is everything you need (e.g., a detailed glossary) included?

The Trellis Method combines all you need in one convenient bundle, saving time and money. For example, I spent hundreds on the books consulted to create The Trellis Method.

This writing system will save you money, but the chief focus is on fulfilling your dream to write a book readers will love.

Banish that Feeling of Being Overwhelmed

No doubt some writing topics seem complex, and you can feel overwhelmed.

That’s why The Trellis Method takes a phased approach to writing.

  1. Phase I: Plan. You begin with a plan to gather details, including specific prompts for your genres, premise, characters, plots, and themes.
  2. Phase II: Outline. You use those gathered details to outline your book.
  3. Phase III: Write. And then you write the scenes.

The workbooks and worksheet walk you through step by step, banishing that dreaded feeling of being overwhelmed by too much information.

Complete Your First Draft in Record Time

Note: The Trellis Method “bundle” contains the following 7 workbooks plus the bonus Self-publishing Workbook.

Phase I: Plan

You begin by gathering essential details about the story you want to write.

Story Genres Development Workbook

Produces the details tied to a genre, the expectations that will transport readers to your chosen story world.

  • 48 page step-by-step guide
  • Worksheet prompts identify your genre’s conventions, key scenes, readers’ expectations, chief Protagonist’s goal, plot, subplots, and theme

Story Premise Development Workbook

Generates a strategic guide for producing the story.

  • 23 page step-by-step guide
  • Turns an idea into a premise
  • Worksheet prompts recording your killer concept, storytelling approach, best lead character, and chief opposition
  • These steps evaluate your premise’s appeal to readers

Story Characters Development Workbook

Shows how to create dynamic characters who react to plot events with realistic emotions.

  • 59 page Hands-on Guide
  • Detailed Character Example
  • Reusable Character Template
  • 9 Character Type Descriptions
  • Character Type Identification
  • 130+ Character Flaws Glossary
  • Visual Aids Reinforce Learning

Story Plots Development Workbook

Create the main and subsidiary plot events that take place within the story.

  • 28 page development guide
  • Weaves plot with subplots
  • Worksheet prompts for events, story problem, emotions, stakes, character details (e.g., focus, goal, issues), plot’s fulfillment of genre-set expectations, settings, secrets, and twists

Story Themes Development Workbook

Defines why the external, internal, and philosophical themes matter to readers.

  • 11 page explanation of themes
  • Amplifies how themes resonate
  • Worksheet prompts for the genre-related theme, character’s internal theme (i.e., the lesson learned and emotions craved by readers), and the philosophical theme showing how the world really works

Phase II: Outline

This phase helps you envision the entire story, enabling you to make an informed decision whether to continue with this writing project or search for an idea with greater appeal to you and your target audience.

Story Spine, Body, & Beats Development Workbook

Use the 67 page guide and worksheet to outline and validate the entire narrative:

  • The Story Spine creates a snapshot of the basic story.
  • The Story Body develops a synopsis of the overall story.
  • The Story Beats organize the plot events into familiar patterns expected by readers.

Phase III: Write

Here’s where all your work gathering details will pay off as you write and organize scenes into the logical sequence expected by readers.

Story Scenes Development Workbook

Use the 40 page guide and visual aids to create scenes that:

  • Connect one scene to the next.
  • Showcase content that exceeds readers’ expectations.
  • Flow in logical and engaging patterns.
  • Make sure the plot events, scene flow, and actual content intersect to please your readers.

Don’t Miss this Introductory Offer

The Trellis Method helps you fulfill your dream to write a book readers will love.

Comprehensive writing courses usually cost between $50 and $149. Some pricing creeps into the nosebleed range of $250 and even higher. And a growing number require a monthly subscription fee that sounds low until you’re forced to pay annually, often $120 or more.

In contrast, I’m offering The Trellis Method bundle (a $48 value) for one low price.

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