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Transform your writing with this character template for Scrivener, Word, and Pages!

☞ Bestselling authors know how to turn casual readers into loyal fans through dynamic character development.

But Character Development Done Right Is Hard!

I was determined to learn how, so I downloaded dozens of character templates. However, I discovered only a few of the templates came with instructions, and most of those were useless.

During my research, I stumbled across a reference to creating characters using the Enneagram of Personality.

I took an Enneagram test and identified my type. The traits and behaviors descriptions were creepy accurate, and I took that as a good sign.

Using the Enneagram method for dynamic character development looked promising. I searched but found no character templates designed for use with the Enneagram.

So I bought more books and conducted many experiments. After much fine-tuning, I created an Enneagram-based character template that worked!

I also found Enneagram theorists had identified the personality types for various public figures and movie roles, creating the opportunity to use quotes and scripts as models for sample dialogue.

That’s when I got serious about turning my extensive notes into a comprehensive template and how-to workbook.

☞ With the Story Characters Development Workbook, you now have everything you need to create authentic characters who leap from the pages of your novel.

Why Use a Character Template?

Stories delivering meaningful life lessons resonate with audiences. But to write a book readers will love requires finesse because your audience senses whether a character’s emotions and behaviors portray realistic reactions to plot events.

Readers expect your characters to:

  • Show the emotions they crave.
  • Grab and hold their attention.
  • Have distinctive voices that eliminate confusion.
  • Share a backstory justifying thoughts, choices, dialogue, and actions.
  • Avoid the typical hero and villain cliches.
  • React and change realistically as the story unfolds.

The right character template helps you satisfy those expectations.

Learn the Exact Process I Use and Give Your Readers the Emotions They Crave

The workbook distills the character development process into 5 steps.

  1. Identify the character type.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the type’s traits and behaviors.
  3. Select the character’s starting development level.
  4. Fill in the basic character description.
  5. Complete the full character profile as your story unfolds.

Give Your Readers What They Want

Your audience loves to experience life through the emotions of characters. But figuring out how to package those feelings into a fictional yet realistic person is hard.

The comprehensive workbook guides the development of unique characters with distinctive voices.

Note: The paid edition workbook contains 15 pages of additional character development tips and best practices, eliminating the need to buy an array of craft books costing hundreds of dollars.

The combination of template and workbook guides your development of multi-dimensioned characters, fictional people who turn casual readers into loyal fans.

Using the Story Characters Development Workbook and Character Template saves time and money, giving you everything you need to create authentic characters who react to plot events with realistic thoughts, choices, dialog, and actions.

This character template is right for you if you want to:

  • Turn casual readers into loyal fans.
  • Develop multi-dimensioned characters.
  • Convey emotions that capture and hold readers’ attention.
  • Write realistic character thoughts, choices, dialogue, and actions that support your story’s plot.
  • Move the story forward as characters react to plot events.
  • The character-development process designed for busy writers will give you everything you need to create characters who leap from the pages of your novel.
  • The highly detailed workbook guides pantsers to develop characters as the story unfolds.
  • The process gives plotters the tools they need to preplan the story’s cast members.
  • The character template works seamlessly with Word, Pages, and Scrivener.
  • The 9 character-type profiles include the traits, basic fear, basic motivation, and behavioral changes that occur as characters experience increasing conflicts and obstacles.
  • The detailed example shows real answers to the template’s prompts.

☞ The paid edition delivers more!

You get everything in the Lite Edition plus…

  • An additional 15 pages of actionable tips to set your characters apart and make each unique, valued at over $100.
  • A bonus workbook containing over 130 character-flaw descriptions to make each cast member unique.
  • Additional infographics to help you apply at a glance the essentials of dynamic character development.

What people are saying…

“I love the Enneagram myself, and, like you, I found it shockingly accurate when I took the test to see what type I was back in college.

Using your Identify Character Type and Character Type Descriptions documents, I was able to quickly find the type for both my co-protagonists, as well as an antagonist who is at a lower development level, and all seemed accurate as well (they’re a Challenger level 3 increasing to 2, a Helper level 3 increasing to 2, and an Achiever level 7 regressing to 8).

I honestly found it exciting to go through the documents, find out the personality types for my various characters, and start filling in the character sheet accordingly.

That’s a huge plus for me.”


☞ Level up your characters now!

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