Over the last decade, I’ve lost track of the thousands spent on books and apps.

Some of those books resonated with me, and made a lasting impressions. That’s why I store the best of what others have already figured out in my writer’s database. It’s from that digital warehouse I glean the insights to write fiction and posts.

I share those insights and synthesize into practical know-how.

The Trellis Method Bundle

The Trellis Method

Book, Workbooks, and Worksheets
A writing system that explains The Trellis Method, a comprehensive bundle packed with the Genres, Premise, Characters, Plots, Themes, Story Spine, Body, & Beats, and Scenes workbooks and worksheets.

Individual Workbooks with Worksheets

For the best value, I recommend getting Trellis Method Bundle.

However, if you’re looking to solve a specific writing challenge, get one or more of these workbooks. Each comes with a detailed worksheet you can download and put to work now.

Story Genres Development Workbook

Genres Workbook
Figure out what your readers want and then deliver key scenes and conventions in the patterns they expect.

Story Premise Development Workbook

Premise Workbook
Create a strategic guide you can follow from the start to the end of your novel, and make sure your story will have the right audience appeal.

Story Characters Development Workbook

Character Workbook
Struggling with getting your characters to act and react realistically? The Story Character Development Workbook is the solution and comes with a detailed Character Template.

Story Plots Development Workbook

Plots Workbook
Weaving together the subplots to support the main plot is much easier when you use this time-tested structure and worksheet.

Story Themes Development Workbook

Themes Workbook
Take the mystery out of identifying and amplifying those story themes that will resonate with target audiences long after they finish reading your book.

Story Spine, Body, & Beats Workbook

Spine, Body, & Beats Workbook
These three writing tools will help you not only envision your entire novel, but encourage you to make an informed decision as to whether you should write this story or search for one with more audience appeal.

Story Scenes Development Workbook

Scenes Workbook
All the details gathered using the other workbooks are employed writing scenes that will keep readers up all night. This workbook helps you nail down the intersection of story structure, scene flow, and actual content.

Books and Apps

The books and apps listed below have stood the test of time. If you buy through one of the links, my affiliate relationships won’t cost you one penny more. And I only recommend tools I use.

Writing Books
Check out this array of writing books available through Amazon. Yes, I have my favorites books, but all those listed offer more than enough value to justify their price.


Self-publishing doesn’t have to seem impossible, and the team at D2D breaks it down for an elegant solution. Does publishing for free fit your budget?


More than a spelling, punctuation, and grammar checker, you’ll find this tool indispensable for posts, short stories, novels, and emails.

Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket
If you’re a serious writer who wants to understand the marketplace and compete successfully, this is the tool you need. It’s a tremendous value and one-time price.


Emails are the lifeblood for staying in touch with readers, and this powerful tool is also easy to use and value priced.


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