What Is Publisher Rocket?

Is your book idea worth writing? Have you picked the right keywords and categories to self-publish on Amazon? Is there enough profit potential in your chosen niche? Maybe you wondered, What is Publisher Rocket?

I faced these questions and after much research, came to this conclusion:

Book ideas are a dime-a-dozen, but when you find one that’s desired by readers, discoverable on Amazon, and regarded as profitable—now, that’s priceless!

If you’ve struggled with labor-intensive research of Amazon keywords, categories, competition, and profitability, you know what it’s like to spend hours and still question whether your methods will help sell your book.

What is Publisher Rocket?

Frustrated, I went looking for a software solution. I discovered Publisher Rocket helps you get your book in front of more Amazon shoppers so you can market less and write more. 

How Does Publisher Rocket Work?

Publisher Rocket automates mining Amazon data.

  • It reveals what shoppers type into Amazon’s search box. For example, it shows customer inquiry quantity, estimated book revenues, and competing books volumes.
  • The app enables you to see estimated daily and monthly sales for individual books. Plus, it displays book covers, list prices, and number of print pages.
  • The software helps authors explore and select niche categories for their books. For instance, it shows how many books you would need to sell per day to become the new #1 bestseller. 
  • And… it helps you find profitable Amazon ad keywords.

What Are the Benefits?

  • With Publisher Rocket, you can investigate before you write. Discover the potential return on the investment of your time and energy.
  • The app helps you evaluate the profitability of keywords, encouraging additional ways to enhance your returns.
  • It simplifies the analysis of digital and print categories. You’re empowered to make decisions that support your goal of reaching Amazon Best Seller status.
  • The software helps you find seven KDP keyword phrases that best represent your book but have less competition. Increase the potential for shoppers to find and buy your book.
  • It helps you pick the right advertising keywords that fit your promotion goals and budget.
  • If you buy now, you’ll enjoy a 30-day no-risk refund policy, and never pay for upgrades.
  • With Publisher Rocket, you get free books, checklists, and tools.
  • The app helps you find examples of books, covers, marketing blurbs, and more. Then, you can analyze the best sellers in your chosen genre.

In conclusion, if you’re curious how this elegant software produces these benefits, check out my in-depth Publisher Rocket Review.

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