Why Take A Big-Picture Approach?

A big-picture approach helps you:

  • Structure to satisfy readers’ expectations
  • Identify details
  • Add emphasis
  • Sequence events

Global Story Blueprint

Successful novels structure to align several moving parts:

Global Story Blueprint
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Scrivener supports the creation and tracking of structure and the related details.

Tap into the Power of Technology

From initial concept to published novel, Scrivener helps you:

  • Adopt a story structure to sequence events and amplify emotions.
  • Develop realistic characters who show emotions as they change and grow.
  • Design a plot that forces characters to face conflict through a series of events.
  • Form a theme that conveys universal truth and human insights.
  • Adhere to genre conventions and obligatory scenes.

Your story has the potential to entertain, inform, and inspire. Combine the Global Story elements to create an emotional sum greater than the parts.

I encourage you to check out story structure, character development, plot design, and theme formation.