Templates for Scrivener

Don’t let the term “template” intimidate you. A template is nothing more than a pattern for processes that enhance consistency. Writing a full length novel uses many processes, and templates for Scrivener can help.

All software programs have learning curves, and some steeper than others. But studying a complex application can steal your precious time from writing.

Take heart! There are templates that can flatten your learning curve. Downloading and using a formatted template guides and simplifies the process, shortening your study time.

Types of Templates for Scrivener

Scrivener templates come in two varieties, and both can help your writing:

  • Template Sheets are useful for creating character profiles, story settings, and much more. A template sheet serves many purposes. Like a form, you can reuse template sheets to enhance the consistency of your writing.
  • A Project Template is used whenever you start a new writing “project.” You open a project template based on your preferences. For example, Scrivener comes with several project templates, such as Blank, Fiction, and Non-Fiction. You can create other project templates designed for your chosen genre, including Mystery, Romance, and Thriller.
Scrivener Templates
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Available Templates

  • Free Character Template for Scrivener: Replace or augment the standard Character Sketch embedded within Scrivener’s “Novel” project template. Although free, this is one of the thirteen sheets included in the Template Sheets Bundle, and it provides a no-cost peek at the value you’ll get. Click here to learn more.

Coming Soon Templates

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  • Tame Scrivener’s Binder In 5 Quick Steps: A “Project” Template that includes an ebook course on how to personalize Scrivener, turning the software’s digital three-ring binder into powerful tool to house writing, notes, and research.
  • Template Sheets Bundle: A baker’s dozen “template sheets” designed to make Scrivener easier to use as you create your novel. The bundle includes:
    1. Character Sketch
    2. Character Driven Beat Sheet
    3. Scene Sketch
    4. Setting Sketch
    5. Premise
    6. Logline
    7. Genre Mystery
    8. Genre Thriller
    9. Secrets and Twists
    10. Stakes
    11. Crime Motives and Means
    12. Symbols and Motifs
    13. Clues and Red Herrings
  • Thriller “Project” Template
  • Mystery “Project” Template